The Low Country Style Clubhouse


Secession's clubhouse was completed in 1996 and emphasizes elegant simplicity with a mind towards the needs of a “national golf club,” not a country club. The design resulted from visits to many fine, established golf clubs recommended by members as examples of outstanding design and service concepts. The sleeping rooms on the second level provide a warm and convivial atmosphere for overnight members, while almost 6,000 square feet of wraparound porches provide majestic views of the course and surrounding protected wetlands, filled with abundant wildlife indigenous to the area.

Facing the sunset over Port Royal Sound, on the western side of the island out of sight from the golf course, is a large Members Grounds area with member-owned cottages that are available for rent to other members as well as a few private homes owned by our members. The rental units are designed for comfort and informality in keeping with the Lowcountry experience of Secession.



Secession Golf Club provides free transportation to and from the Clubhouse, the cottages in the Blue Gray Estates, downtown Beaufort and any spot within 10 miles of the Club.

As a true national club, the vast majority of Secession members live well outside the immediate Beaufort, South Carolina, area. Rather than drive, many choose to fly to the area by commercial or private aircraft. Secession's Accommodations Coordinator can arrange airport shuttle service for members and guests who arrive at, or depart from, the Savannah, Hilton Head Island or Charleston airports.

While at the Club, members and guests don't need rental cars, taxis or other forms of transportation. Instead, Secession provides free transportation to anywhere close by. This allows members and guests to travel from where they are staying to the Clubhouse, or to the Beaufort County Airport and to nearby establishments. Also, the club's transportation eliminates the concern about driving on what may be unfamiliar roads, particularly at night after an active day followed by an evening enjoying dinner with friends at the Club or at one of the local restaurants.



Secession is a true “national golf club” with a very restricted number of local members. Several hundred members live more than 100 miles from the Beaufort, South Carolina, area. When they travel to the Club, often with guests, they usually choose to stay for more than one day. Those stays typically are at the Club itself in one of the dozen rooms on the second floor of the Clubhouse or in one of the member-owned cottages located in Blue Gray Estates.

Secession has a full time Accommodations Coordinator to handle reservations and requests for Clubhouse and cottage rooms and to make arrangements for those who prefer to stay in one of Beaufort’s hotels or bed and breakfast facilities.

Both breakfast and lunch are served every day at the Clubhouse. Except during tournaments and special events, evening meals are limited to private dinners for four or more people booked in advance with the Food and Beverage Manager or the Executive Chef.

There are several restaurants, some of which are located on the Beaufort River, that Club members frequent during their visits to the Club. They are situated only minutes away via the free transportation service Secession provides with the Ayrer Wagon.

Blue Gray Estates


A gated enclave located across Islands Causeway from Secession Golf Club, Blue Gray Estates is a place where members have built cottages, most of which are available for rental to other Secession members and their guests. Although the property is not adjacent to the golf course or the Clubhouse, its proximity makes it an ideal place to stay during visits to the Club. Property ownership is restricted to Secession members.

Saltwater marshlands, the intracoastal waterway and a large freshwater lagoon border the property offering beautiful views, particularly at sunset. Situated in the core of the 40-plus lot estate is a golf practice area complete with a large green and bunkers.

The cottages are different in terms of their size, configuration and amenities. There are single rooms available with a private bath, and there are cottages with as many as eight bedrooms and eight baths. Rental prices and policies are established by the cottage owners. Secession administers the rental program and therefore handles all reservations, housekeeping and billing for the rentals.

When staying in Blue Gray Estates, transportation is not a problem; it is provided free of charge by Secession’s Ayrer Wagon